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#GymCreep Needs To Go: Women Deserve to Feel Safe at the Gym

Jun 1, 2023
Last Updated Jun 1, 2023

Women go to the gym for the same reason men go to the gym: To get a great workout. They want to support their health and wellness. But in-gym harassment can all too often stand in their way. Whether it’s an unwelcome conversation, leering, or a physical altercation, women looking to work out in peace are forced into an uncomfortable or unsafe interaction.

Such incidents are not rare. #GymCreep and #GymWeirdo have over 100M views on TikTok, where women are using the power of social media to show how real, serious, and widespread this issue is. 

Gympass surveyed over 150 women in the U.S. to hear how they want this issue addressed. We found that 65% of respondents would feel more comfortable attending a women-only gym and 42% prefer to be assisted by women at the gym.

Not to mention, they are keenly aware of other women experiencing in-gym harassment:

  • 32% of women have witnessed malicious looks and/or comments about bodies, appearances, and/or clothes
  • 25% of women have witnessed harassment towards other women
  • 25% of women have witnessed unwanted approaches from other gym goers
  • 20% of women have witnessed inappropriate physical contact

Unfortunately, 18% of women have experienced harassment at the gym. Thirteen percent of women even reported being harassed on their way to the gym.

Women make up more than half of the gym-going population. They deserve to feel safe there — and everywhere. 

Throughout International Women’s Month, Gympass will be highlighting resources and action plans for gyms, studios, and trainers to help lower these statistics with the goal to create a safe physical and emotional space for all. 

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