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Amazon Chooses Gympass to Expand Employee Wellness Benefits in Brazil

Oct 31, 2023
Last Updated Oct 31, 2023

São Paulo, October 2023 – Gympass announces Amazon as its newest corporate client in Brazil. The global technology giant joins a base of over 15,000 companies that have partnered with Gympass to provide enhanced resources for employee health and wellbeing.

Through this partnership, Amazon employees and their families gain access to a network of 50,000 gyms and studios offering more than 700 activities, including cycling, spinning, swimming, yoga, pilates, beach tennis, soccer, volleyball, footvolley, weightlifting, functional training, climbing, and dance.

Additionally, Amazon employees can also use Gympass's complete wellness platform, which includes solutions for meditation, sleep care, nutrition, habit change, and financial health, with free premium access to wellness apps such as Headspace, Meditopia, Cíngulo, Vittude, Psicologia Viva, Sleep Cycle, Calm, ZenApp, Trainiac, Strava, Les Mills, FitDance, Heavy, Lifesum, Nootric, Tecnonutri, Fabulous, MyFitnessPal, Maya, Thrive Global, Mobills, Organizze, and much more.

All of this is part of Amazon's Health and Wellness Program for its employees, which goes beyond the traditional to promote the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of employees. The program includes family planning assistance, mental health services, 180 days of paid maternity leave for the primary caregiver, and six weeks for the secondary caregiver, regardless of gender.

By choosing Gympass as a partner in Brazil, Amazon is taking a significant step toward its goal of becoming the best place to work on Earth. The partnership reaffirms the company's commitment to expanding health and wellness benefits for its employees and dependents in Brazil. "To maintain the engagement and motivation of our teams and ensure they have an ownership mindset, they need to feel heard and part of the company, and at Amazon, we take this seriously. These new benefits demonstrate how we are constantly innovating and listening to internal demands for the physical and mental wellbeing of our employees, who are the heart of our business," says Ricardo Frias, Amazon Brazil's Benefits Leader.

Wellbeing is non-negotiable for today's workforce and has become increasingly important year after year. According to the State of Work-Life Wellness Report 2024, 96% of professionals seek organizations that prioritize wellbeing, and 87% of workers say they would leave a company that doesn't prioritize wellbeing. Moreover, 93% of respondents consider wellbeing as important as salary.

"As employers, we have a responsibility to address the wellbeing crisis by supporting our employees so they can incorporate healthy habits into their routines - whether it's physical activities, mental health care, healthy eating, financial education, or hundreds of other activities," emphasizes Priscila Siqueira, head of Gympass in Brazil.



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