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Gympass Webinar Recap: Cesar Carvalho + Arianna Huffington

Feb 3, 2023
Last Updated Mar 15, 2024

Gympass recently announced its users will now have access to the Thrive Global Platform – Thrive has quickly become a cornerstone offering within the rapidly-growing Mind category of Gympass’ suite of wellness apps and services, providing mental resilience resources to help employees combat stress and theburnout epidemic.

Lead by two like-minded leaders — Gympass and Thrive Global share a mutual mission of creating happier and healthier work environments. In our annual State of Work-Life Wellness Report, our proprietary research found that a quarter of US employees stated they don’t think their employer demonstrates they care about their wellbeing. And 25% of US workers don’t feel their work allows them to take time for their wellbeing. The results are staggering and it suggests that the issue is in howwe prioritize our lives at home and work.

In our latest webinar, Gympass CEO, Cesar Carvalho and world renowned business leader, author and CEO of Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington, sat down with Anna Oakes, Editor of Quartz at Work, to have a meaningful discussion around restoring humanity in the workplace as we combat the Crisis of Wellbeing at work.


Access the recording here to learn more on:

  • The movement to re-work work and the intersection of work and wellbeing
  • The Crisis of Wellbeingand how we, as business leaders, can solve for it
  • The tools and operations these leaders are using to keep their own workforces happy and healthy





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