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Ready To Hit The Gym? Prepare For Your Next Indoor Workout

Apr 20, 2021
Last Updated Jun 1, 2023

Remember the feeling of leaving a gym feeling like an absolute rockstar? After a year of exercising in front of your laptop and using household items as fitness equipment, you can now get back to an indoor workout at your favorite gyms and studios. 

Whenever you’re ready, Gympasspartners are waiting to welcome you back with open arms (metaphorically of course – make sure to keep your 6 feet!) With new cleaning measures, social distancing, and other Covid-secure protocols in place, our partner gyms and studios will make sure you feel as safe as possible at your next in-person sweat session. Make sure you check-in with your gym and/or local health authorities for guidance on COVID-19before planning your indoor workout. 

Ready to say hello to your favorite classes, machines, instructors, and workout buddiesagain? Here are some tips to help prepare you for your next indoor gym workout. 

Safety first 

If you haven’t been to a gym or studio since the start of the pandemic, it can be daunting to get back into your fitness routine. Rest assured, we have three simple to-dos to make sure you can take on your gym trip with ease:

1️⃣When working out with a mask on, be sure to bring an extra mask in case your first one gets too sweaty. You can also buy an athletic maskintended for working out for extra comfort. 

2️⃣Before or after using machines or taking a class, use sanitizing wipes to clean down equipment and clean your hands before and after your workout. The CDCrecommends scrubbing your hands for at least 20 seconds, which equals singing the “happy birthday” song from beginning to end twice. 

3️⃣Remember to stay at least 6-feet away from other gym goers to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Get excited to be surrounded by motivated movers like yourself again!

Take it easy 

Whether you head back to your old favorite gym or you try out a new studio, remember totake it slow in the beginning. No matter your fitness level, it’s important to listen to your bodyand give it what it needsbeing in tune with yourself will save you from injuries later on. 

Your gym may look and feel different than you remember, so take it easy and re-familiarize yourself with how to use machines so you can build up your strengthand confidence. If you haven’t hopped on a stair climber in a year, it may be a little harder than before and that’s okay. Go easy on yourself andfeel proud for showing up

Warm up, then cool down 

Getting back to the gym or studio is exciting, but don’t forget to warm up before starting your workout. Even if you only have 30 minutes to fit in the treadmill, make sure to prioritize at least a few minutes of stretching before hopping on. Practice dynamic stretchesto ensure your body is ready to spring into action and to avoid any injuries. 

Remember, cooling downis equally as important as warming up to avoid soreness. If you’ve only been doing at-home workouts this past year, prepare to feel extra sore after your first gym session. If you feel like an injury is coming on or something feels off, don’t forget to rice: rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Your body will thank you later. 

Preparation is key 

Before your workout, plan ahead what you need to bring and how you are going to approach your gym session. Here’s a little checklist to make sure you have everything you will need in your gym bag: 

Water bottle


Hand sanitizer 

Sweat towel 

Post workout snack 


Think about what equipment you want to use, how you’ll maximize your time there, and what goals you have for getting back to the gym. When you have a prepared mind, you also have a prepared body. Revamp your gym playlistand get excited to feel that post-sweat-sesh glow again. 

*Check with the gym and/or your local health authorities for guidance on COVID-19 questions. 

Get back to IRL workouts on Gympass.Sign-up nowand explore our fitness partners. Find a gym or studio to love  — your feel-good journey starts here. 



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