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Workplace Initiatives for a Healthier Team

Feb 11, 2021
Last Updated Jun 1, 2023

When a company focuses its efforts on better physical and mental wellness throughout the corporation, it doesn’t just benefit the employees. Studies have found that these kinds of initiatives also bode well for employers. Respondents reported everything from increased productivity to long-term financial savings when they incorporated wellness programs. If your HR department is looking to reap these rewards, consider utilizing the tips outlined below to get started. 


3 Ways to Keep Your Employees Healthy


Host Informative Workshops

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to subject matter as complex and involved as physical health. The first step toward supporting your employees in their efforts to maintain optimum wellbeing is to make sure they understand the basics.

Consider hosting bi-monthly workshops that are open to anyone who is interested. Each workshop should focus on a key pillar of health, such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, or preventative care. Focus the first half of the event on providing clear, focused information; if you try to cover too much information at once, your employees will likely have a difficult time retaining the data. Then, toward the second half of the meeting, offer specific tips and resources they can use to improve their lifestyles. 

To supplement these meetings, consider putting together bi-weekly newsletters. Each newsletter should focus on the themes covered in that week’s workshop. For example, if you host a workshop outlining types of chronic diseases, your newsletter could provide management tips for those same conditions. 

Provide Resources

Once you know your workers have a foundation of knowledge, you need to ensure they have the tools to back their learnings up. Investing in corporate plans that provide access to health resources is an excellent way to alleviate the financial burden of accessing health carewhile also promoting accountability within your employees. 

You should make it easier for employees to keep up with their health goals while they are in the office. This might include replacing high-calorie snacks with fresh fruit, providing access to first aid supplies and medication, designating an area for people to rest, and allowing extra breaks so your employees can get up and get some additional steps into their day. 

Keep Them Motivated

It is important to remember that the journey to physical and mental health is not a sprint. Instead, it is an ongoing commitment that requires persistence, determination, and will power. Over time, keeping up with these goals can become difficult, making it crucial for HR departments to find ways to motivate their team members.

Consider on-going corporate challenges and offerings focused on bettering health. This might include a company-wide marathon, a social exercise club, or a three-month fitness challenge. Offer rewards to incentive your employees, and send out on-going emails encouraging engagement. 


If your HR department is ready to start implementing wellness initiatives in the workplace, consider Gympass as your partner. Our platform offers customizable plans to suit the unique needs of your employees, and we offer access to a broad range of resources, from programs designed to help quit smoking to guided meditations. And with world-renowned partners like CVS, Crunch Fitness, Soulcycle, and Pfizer, you can rest assured your employees will never go without the care they need. Request more information here.


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